Cafenista - The Journey Begins

March 01, 2017

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It's not Just about the Coffee - Cafenista - Champion of the Independent Cafe[/caption] Every brave entrepreneur that has opened, or dreamed of opening an independent cafe, coffee shop or bakery starts at the same point I am at now - starting from scratch. Of course there is planning and saving to get to this starting point... to build a life where you are at the helm, making decisions, creating a culture, and building a business you can be proud of. Your shop is your business. Supporting your shop is my business. While you are adding furniture, equipment, staff, marketing, decor and procedures... I am searching for ways to support and enhance your efforts. I have a background in marketing, entrepreneurship, technology as well as project and process management, all which are tools that I will bring to Cafenista. While Cafenista is linked to a sister retail shop with products that support your special world, this blog addresses the rest of it. I know, and you know, it's not just about the coffee. It's also not about the coffee machine! It's about the time people spend in your shop, the memories they make, and the way you help them do that. So this is my goal:  to connect with you and others who have succeeded and failed in this dream and to bring ideas, stories, conversations, and even relationships to the toolbox that you can draw from. I will be exploring coffee shops around the country, building a database of contacts and reviews and hopefully over time both our businesses will be thriving. I am dedicating this endeavor to my Dad. He taught me to relentlessly pursue my dreams, and he loved nothing better than a good cup of coffee with lively conversation in a nice comfy place to enjoy it. A sticky pecan bun on the side also never hurt.

Let the journey begin. _____________________________

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